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"Voice of My Heart"

“Voice of My Heart” is my new inspirational gift book project featuring all of the music God has given me with scriptures and backstories! Each week I plan to bring one of the songs on FB LIVE (Friday’s 5:05pm) until the project is complete.


Would you consider joining me in my new music endeavor to raise support for Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. ? I’m Angelia Bell, Co-Founder of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. and Director of Music Ministry at Wings Of Grace Ministries, Inc.


We are celebrating our 10th year as a mission organization this year. Thank you for your many years of love and support! We are asking GOD to raise our support through you, our friends, family, current and potential donors. Would you consider joining in a financial contribution? Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit helps.

Thank you so very much for your support. We are in this together. I need you all. There will be much need for prayer warriors as well I am sure.


What a joy to take a step of faith with you and begin to make this new dream a reality. This is my personal godly legacy of music. I pray God will use it to comfort, encourage and draw many souls into His Kingdom as they read and sing through the lyrics. To God be the glory forever. Amen.


Our mission is to inspire teenagers to improve and prosper their lives through the use of good decision making skills.



Thank you precious ones who have given financially to "Voice of My Heart".  I am so excited to continue to move forward with this project. As of today, we have raised $2,249.  


Thank you all so much! We are surely on our way! God bless you all! How exciting to watch God’s Holy Spirit move on people’s hearts to give! I am on a mission to share Jesus and His message through song. Thank you for partnering with me! I am blessed and grateful!



Wow! Thank you all so much! I’m so excited as things are progressing! Just got a green light from the artist for the Book Cover and special artwork throughout the book yesterday! I have also talked to a friend who is willing to do the lead sheets for each song! This will take finances though to complete the project! I need to pay them for their major contributions! I need their gifts to complete this task! I need YOU and your prayers and financial support, too! Come on, join the fun and help me spread the gospel of Jesus through a gift book of song!