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About Angelia

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Angelia’s classical piano training began at age 5. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Brenau College, Gainesville, Georgia at age 20.  Angelia was greatly influenced by Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews, Karen Carpenter, Anne Murray and many other great artists.


She has lived and performed in various venues throughout Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida, but the highlight of her professional musical career thus far has been entertaining celebrities and members of Donald Trump's prestigious Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. She is very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to have performed as Trump's house pianist and vocalist (nicknamed "The Mar-a-Lago Songbird") from 1996-2000 and returned 2005-2007 with her jazz trio in addition to her solo work there.  His autograph of her copy of "The Art of the Comeback" reads, "To my favorite piano player, best", Donald J.  Trump.

Since 2007 Angelia has performed locally at various public and private venues since moving to Indialantic, including the Continental Flambe' in the Historic Melbourne Downtown area, Squidlips, NACE Industry Luncheon in the Reunion Resort in Orlando, Heidi's Jazz Club in Cocoa Beach and The Eau Gallie Yacht Club in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida. 

In 2014, Angelia was honored to receive the Space Coast Spring Fair Songwriters Showcase Award and the South Brevard Sharing Center Singing Angel Award. They are both kept in a special place in her office and encourage her to continue to write and re-write making her new songs better than ever so she can continue to share more of her music in her community and beyond.

Angelia is a member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) as both a Writer and as a Publisher and was a member or NSAI for years. 

Angelia and her husband, Dwight (Founder of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc.) currently reside in Melbourne, Florida. They have been married for 35 years and have three grown sons, three daughters-in-law and four grandsons! 

As Director of Music Ministry at Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. the musical arm of the ministry, ( Angelia shares her experiences, gifts and knowledge of music with the community. Angelia also teaches classical, traditional piano as well as keyboard, theory and vocal health and conditioning. 

As a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, stepmom, friend, Co-founder of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc., piano and vocal instructor, accompanist and publisher, Angelia is familiar with Women's issues of abandonment, abuse, obesity, eating disorders, death and many other issues BUT brings a message of hope, forgiveness, healing, victory and grace through the Gospel of Jesus, God's son, His finished work on the cross and His resurrection through her life and music.

Angelia means "angel", a messenger. She uplifts and encourages her listening audiences ranging from children to senior adults as she shares her inspirational lyrics and message in music of peace, faith, hope and Jesus’ love. She loves what she does, and it shows!

As Music Director of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc., Angelia performs an Annual Valentine Show to raise funds for Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. Wings also has resumed hosting “Wing-it” for Wings of Grace Students and teen friends and 5th Saturdays- An evening of Music with Angelia.  As Angelia's schedule permits, she is a “regular musical volunteer” at Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities in the Melbourne, Florida area.


OH to dream...One day she'd love to do a concert of a LIFETIME of all of her original tunes at Carnegie Hall with special guests Andrea Bocelli and Barbra Streisand, complete with her own orchestra with lots and lots of strings! Maybe a Dove Award one day, too! Why NOT?

         at one with my favorite instrument 
  learning a new instrument 
  learning another new instrument

A N G E L I A (an-gee-la)


My Story begins with a broken home, a broken heart (my parents divorced when I was 3) a blended family, lots of questions and lots of discipline...

When I was just a little girl, I remember being touched in my heart with the words and music while in church. However, by age 15, my journey in darkness had already begun as my heart was filled with silent songs of hatred, rebellion, truly messed-up thinking, guilt, shame, resentment, no self-respect and pain that led me to think and do things I would NEVER have dreamed of. I found myself in some very un-elegant situations that have left regrets and scars for sure! I was looking for love everywhere, somewhere, anywhere, but in all the wrong places. I was truly hungry and thirsty for real love! Where else could I go, but to the One who created me? At about age 27, God was patiently waiting for me to turn my face and heart toward Him once again!

One night while alone, smoking, drinking, desperate, needy, sick and tired of being sick and tired, I cried out! The only prayer I really knew was “The Lord’s Prayer”, so I sang this song to this invisible God! I hoped He would remember me from my childhood days. I asked Him to take my life or send someone please to love me! I asked Him to help me because what I was doing wasn't working for me at all! I asked Him to forgive me for everything, for there was so much; ignoring Him in my daily life, for knowingly doing wrong, for doing what I wanted, when I wanted for as long as I wanted. I just needed my slate to be wiped clean, another chance to begin a new life. God sent Jesus to love me and show me this love. He paid for all my past, present and future wrong-ness with His very life! He suffered and died for me! I gave Jesus my heart and received His forgiveness, giving Him control of my body, mind and spirit. I asked Him to take all of me and to teach me how to follow Him and Him alone!


My life really changed since that dark night to a brand new life of light! God, Jesus (the Son of God) and The Holy Spirit continue to fill my heart with joy and is my constant and abiding friend! I gave my life to Jesus, the whole can of playdough!!! He is my Savior and Lord. I feel His constant presence and His perfect peace. I know I hear His voice, His guidance, wisdom and direction, His never-ending love, His mercy, His reassurance and His forgiveness! He has blessed me beyond measure with a godly husband, family and friends and provision for everything that He has called me to do and be! I am a new creation! I am so thankful for my new life. He is my strength, my joy and my song! Finally, I know and believe I am completely and perfectly loved, free and forgiven. I have a purpose with my life and my music. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord AND Savior! It was the best thing I ever did and I know without a doubt that I have answered the most important question in my life! Have you?



A few of my  favorite quotes...

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." (Judy Garland)

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
(Maya Angelou)


"Love one another as I have loved you." (Jesus)


"I love to beach walk, fly with my husband in our "Copper Chopper" and ride on the back of his motorcycle (that's sorta like flying, right?) and I JUST DO love a small vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate from time to time. Hence, I find this large need to work out and eat right as regularly as possible! "


"I still have a dream to play Carnegie Hall and Royal Albert Hall one day.  I still have a dream to share with the whole world  the songs that God has given me complete with a full orchestra! I'd still like to meet Barbra Streisand and sing with Andrea Bocelli one day.  I thank God  for every blessing in my life! I  pray that I may have the courage to trust Him to bring these and many other desires to fruition as I daily delight myself in Him and desire to do only His will! 






Angelia's music is now being heard in, US, UK, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Japan, Sweden, Indonesia, Russia, New Zealand, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Americas. Streaming also available on : CD Baby, Google Music Store, Google Locker, Rhapsody, iTunes Apple Music, iTunes match, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Slacker Radio, Rest of World, Yandex , Tidal, Groove, Rumblefish, 24-7 to name a few!


A N G E L I A -an excellent musical choice for live piano and vocal music; jazz standards, Broadway tunes, movie themes, songs of faith, praise and worship music, hymns, as well as beautiful original musical compositions. 

Whether a full CONCERT  or a soft background ambiance, Angelia has a wide variety of musical expertise and is eager to craft the perfect music for your special event;  refreshing, uplifting and inspiring music for each unique occasion. Simply  CLICK ON the CONTACT tab at  the  top of this page and fill in the info.

Angelia- a  musically gifted "Southern Belle", classically trained in piano and voice, a songwriter whose uplifting classy, elegant performances, musical creations and recordings express her authentic and passionate faith in Jesus and compassion for people; sincerely bringing hope and encouragement to listeners of all ages, a songstress and entertainer who can move a heart to tears and smiles!

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