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 " Voice of My Heart"- by Angelia Bell 


Praise God!

And THANK YOU for making this dream a reality! 

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"Voice of My Heart", by Angelia Bell is for sale on   It is a songbook of my original music (lead sheets) with a tiny backstory for each song and some scriptures! To God be ALL the glory!


I am so grateful to have these songs from my heart on paper to share with the whole wide world!

  Please pray that this book will touch hearts for Christ Jesus. I would also ask for prayers for Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. as we gear up for our 14th year of ministry with TEENS, our COMMUNITY and BEYOND. There is a lot of spiritual warfare that goes along with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but God is greater!!

Thank you again for your love, prayers and generous support. I am blessed by YOU! 

  Your prayers and financial support continue to bless my soul!  God truly has used YOU all to kiss my heart with encouragement and reassurance.  

Thank you to all the beautiful souls that generously gave of their hard-earned money! I can't tell you how exciting this is! My heart is blessed and overflows with gratitude to you and to God. Have Your way, Lord! 



Thank you again for your support! You all are awesome and greatly appreciated!


Just wanted to say another huge THANK YOU for your continued financial and prayer support! Thank you also to those who have given their time and talents, those who have refused to let me pay them (you know who you are). Every kindness will surely be rewarded by our Heavenly Father!


It's not just about the money or the Music Book, it is about a godly legacy, about YOU being part of helping me to spread Gospel seeds to a world that desperately needs Jesus, through the songs that He has given to me.


All proceeds from the sale of these gift books will go to Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. to help teens and various types of mission work in our community and beyond!

Will you help us continue our ministry with local teens and beyond by purchasing a book?

Thank you to the precious ones who have given financially to "Voice of My Heart". I am on a mission to share Jesus and His message through song. Thank you for partnering with me! I am blessed and grateful!


Come on, join the fun and help me spread the gospel of Jesus through a gift book of song!

Thank you for supporting Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc.

As Co-Founder and Director of Music Ministry of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc., "Voice of My Heart" by Angelia Bell will be an ongoing fundraiser to benefit Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. This is not just a collection of all of the original music that God has given me over the years, but it is also my godly legacy!

"Voice of My Heart" is a self-published music book with all of my original music in lead sheet format, a small backstory and precious scriptures with each song.

ALL proceeds will continue to benefit Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. to help us impact teens and reach hearts in our community and beyond for Christ, through music, aviation and affordable housing.

Your prayers and financial support make a huge difference and may change someone's eternal destiny. For every book sold, every piece of sheet music downloaded, every CD sold, every mp3 track downloaded, every love offering taken, thank you!  Thank you for your generosity! 

Our mission is to inspire teenagers to improve and prosper their lives through the use of good decision-making skills (the best decision, to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior).  For more info on what we actually do and why we do what we do, please visit

Thank you and God bless you!

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