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Now Available on Amazon


"Voice of My Heart"

“Voice of My Heart” is my new inspirational Song book featuring all of the music God has given me with scriptures and backstories! Each week I bring one of the songs on my FB (Musicians page)  LIVE (Friday’s 5:05pm) until the project is complete!


Angelia Bell, Co-Founder of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. and Director of Music Ministry at Wings Of Grace Ministries, Inc. We are celebrating our 10th year as a mission organization this year. Thank you for your many years of love and support! We are asking GOD to raise our support through you, our friends, family, current and potential donors. Would you consider joining in a financial contribution? Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit helps.

Thank you so very much for your support. We are in this together. I need you all. There will be much need for prayer warriors as well I am sure.


What a joy to take a step of faith with you and begin to make this new dream a reality. This is my personal godly legacy of music. I pray God will use it to comfort, encourage and draw many souls into His Kingdom as they read and sing through the lyrics. To God be the glory forever. Amen.


Our mission is to inspire teenagers to improve and prosper their lives through the use of good decision making skills.

 " Voice of My Heart"- Songbook

by Angelia Bell 


Praise God!

And THANK YOU for making this dream a reality! 

Link to my purchase page

Link to my author page

 to read bio, "follow me" as an author

and to write a review (this helps me to get this in front of more people on Amazon)  


"Voice of My Heart" is officially complete! Praise God! However, the uploading and technology part is still a bugger for me! Please pray for me to get the wisdom and the help to make it available in paperback (8.5 x11) and eBook on my website here, Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. website and KDP Amazon. After that, we'll see how far the budget will go.  Thank you all for your gifts, prayers and patience! 


I'm so excited! Finished editing the "complete proof" of "Voice of My Heart". I will keep you all posted as to when and where you can get your copy. For sure, it will be for sale first on my website, and also on  It is a songbook of my original music (lead sheets) with a tiny backstory for each song and some scriptures! To God be the Glory for it all. It all came from Him!


Spine has been completed. Waiting on healing for my Book Layout and Designer.


Closer, we are getting closer!!! We had a small set-back when my Book Layout and Designer unfortunately fell and broke her wrist. My Lead Sheets guy also lost his mother just about the same time. Please pray for both of these people. Some good news though is that my sweet friend and Cover Designer, Katia has now completed the Back Cover of the book, including the ISBN, Barcode, and Wings of Grace Logo and web address, a few song titles and my web address. Now we just need to get the SPINE completed.


The Lord is teaching me patience and to never make the project more important than the people! This book will be completed at just the right time, in God's time! In the meantime,  I'm just taking one day at a time! I am so grateful to have these songs from my heart on paper to share with the whole wide world!


"Voice of My Heart" Songbook will be for sale FIRST right here on and also on  I am still learning how this will all work with ordering, payments, printing, uploading, downloading, POD and eBook formats as well as other formats and details that will make it easy for you to purchase the book.


Please pray for this project. This is a very technologically changing world we live in. I would also ask for prayers for Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. as we gear up for our 11th year of ministry with TEENS and our COMMUNITY and BEYOND. There is a lot of spiritual warfare that goes along with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is greater!!

Thank you again for your love, prayers and generous support. I am blessed by YOU! 


  I am so thankful for God's help and His helpers, (Anthony, Katia, and Carole) to finally be able to share my book cover with you today!

Your prayers and financial support continues to bless my soul!  God truly has used you all to kiss my heart  with encouragement  and reassurance.  

Today before I could even turn around, as I was creating "Voice of My Heart" Fundraiser Part III, a beautiful soul generously gave another $75. I can't tell you how exciting this is! My heart is blessed and overflows with gratitude to you and to God. Have Your way, Lord! I trust and rest in You as I continue to watch this baby grow. We'll birth this baby very soon! Hallelujah! Amen!



                    "Voice of My Heart Facebook Fundraiser Part 2 raised            $825.00 

Praising God for a current total  of  $3,230.  THANK YOU!!! I am currently waiting for the professional BOOK COVER to be completed so I can let everybody see. The Lead Sheets are beginning to come in and are  being proofed and corrected.  When I get all the songs (31) proofed and corrected, we are about a week away from launching! In the meantime, I am pondering Marketing strategies. The truth is, I am already excited about doing a VOLUME 2 Book after I finish the song ideas that I have. Happy Spring, everybody! Thanks again for helping me to make this dream a reality! May God use it all for His glory! AMEN!



                              "Voice of My Heart " Fundraiser Part 1 raised                                                                         $2,405.00

Hello my precious and faithful supporters! Just so you know, I am so excited! I am trying to patiently wait to hear from the publisher again this week. I have submitted a lot to them over the last 2 weeks. I can’t wait to see a finished product, but do not want to RUSH them or for me right now to be rushed.

I am also diligently preparing for our 10th Annual Wings of Grace Valentine Concert Friday, Feb 12th! No thanks to COVID-19, I’ll be going “solo” this year, as I have done most of my musical career. It’s all good! Let’s keep each other in prayer one peaceful day at a time!

See you on Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc Facebook page LIVE this FRIDAY @5:05pm for another selection from “Voice of My Heart”! Thank you again for your support ! You all are awesome and greatly appreciated!

                                                                   Happy New Year 2021


Just wanted to say another huge THANK YOU for your continued financial and prayer support! Thank you also to those who have given their time and service, but have refused to let me pay them (you know who you are). Every kindness will surely be rewarded by our Heavenly Father!


"Voice of My Heart" is deeply in the works at this point. The publisher has a date of completion towards the end of February! It is so exciting that YOU are giving to be a part of this fundraiser! It's not just about the money or the Music Book, it is about a godly legacy, about you being part of helping me to spread Gospel seeds to a world that desperately needs Jesus, through the songs that He has given to me! The finished product will be for sale in different mediums and platforms. visit to stay in touch. Go to the last tab, CONTACT and keep me up to date on your contact info and how you'd like to stay in touch! You all are very important to me! God bless you and keep you safe and healthy in this New Year 2021.



                                                                      $275 raised so far!

Thank you! Deep breath! Exhale! Finally, prayerfully and cautiously I have decided on a publisher for my “Voice of My Heart” Music Book!

Thank you all so much for giving to this “Voice of my Heart “ fundraiser part 2!

I am over the top, so super excited to make a footprint in the whole wide world for Jesus through all of the songs that He has given me!

Please share this fundraiser and give YOUR friends a chance to join in on this project, too! All proceeds from the sale of these gift books will go to Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. to help teens and various types of mission work in our community and beyond!


                                                                       12/21/ 2020

                                              PART 2 "Voice of My Heart" Fundraiser 

                                          $25 already! Thank you so much! How exciting! 

I am continuing this fundraiser for a self-published music Gift book/Songbook, "Voice of My Heart". It is a collection of all of the original music that God has given me over the years. It will have a small backstory and some scriptures with each song.


When this book is completed and ready for release, all proceeds will go to Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. to impact teens and help us reach people in our community and beyond for Christ.

Your contribution will make a huge difference and perhaps change someone's destiny. Whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for prayerfully considering and giving your best!

Our mission is to inspire teenagers to improve and prosper their lives through the use of good decision making skills. For more info on our Ministry, visit

If you would like to donate a different way, contact me at Thank you and God bless you!

Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the nonprofit, Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. 


 $2,405 raised for "Voice of My Heart" Fundraiser       Part 1

Just a little update...ThankLIVING! My new favorite word. It is good to give thanks always... so, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You all are the best! I am so thankful that you are making it possible for me to put together this Gift Book/Song Book of all of the songs God has given me.


I am so excited! I recently received a quote from a gentleman that is able to do my lead sheets. He lives out of state and it is a little pricey, but I know he would do a great job and with excellence. I just want to be absolutely sure that he is the one that I am supposed to go with. I want to be a good steward of the finances that have been entrusted to me.

I am still gathering data and doing research on the printing cost for the book and other options that may be available! Thank you for your prayers for wisdom as I learn to wait patiently for the green light on each portion.

The finished book will be beautiful and will be a nice gift/product for Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. to sell to help us continue our ministry with local teens and beyond!


I'm taking baby steps, but we'll get there. It's about the journey, too, not just the destination or the finished product.

Please share this FUNDRAISER with your friends as the more that join in the better! Also, tune in for LIVE song #10 from this collection on Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. Facebook page, Dec 4th at 5:05 PM . God bless you all and stay safe and healthy, physically and spiritually! Visit me at for everything Angelia! Let me know you were there, leave me a message!


Thank you precious ones who have given financially to "Voice of My Heart".  I am so excited to continue to move forward with this project. As of today, we have raised $2,249.  


Thank you all so much! We are surely on our way! God bless you all! How exciting to watch God’s Holy Spirit move on people’s hearts to give! I am on a mission to share Jesus and His message through song. Thank you for partnering with me! I am blessed and grateful!



Wow! Thank you all so much! I’m so excited as things are progressing! Just got a green light from the artist for the Book Cover and special artwork throughout the book yesterday! I have also talked to a friend who is willing to do the lead sheets for each song! This will take finances though to complete the project! I need to pay them for their major contributions! I need their gifts to complete this task! I need YOU and your prayers and financial support, too! Come on, join the fun and help me spread the gospel of Jesus through a gift book of song!

  Thank you for supporting Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc.

As Co-Founder and Director of Music Ministry of Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc., "Voice of My Heart" Songbook by Angelia Bell will be an ongoing fundraiser to benefit Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. This is not just a collection of all of the original music that God has given me over the years, but it is also my godly legacy!

"Voice of My Heart" is a self-published music book with all of my original music in lead sheet format, a small backstory and precious scriptures with each song.

ALL proceeds will continue to benefit Wings of Grace Ministries, Inc. to help us impact teens and reach hearts in our community and beyond for Christ, through music, aviation and affordable housing.

Your prayers and financial support makes a huge difference and may perhaps change someone's destiny. For every book sold, every piece of sheet music downloaded, every CD sold, every mp3 track downloaded, every love offering taken, thank you!  Thank you for your generosity! 

Our mission is to inspire teenagers to improve and prosper their lives through the use of good decision making skills (the best decision, to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior).  For more info on what we actually do and why we do what we do, please visit

If you would like to donate a different way, USE THE CONTACT TAB above. 

Thank you and God bless you!